How to Know You Need a Roofing Company in Spring TX

Most people don’t spend a lot of time staring at their roofs. Having a major leak or something that lets us know there’s a roof repair needed, may be the only time we call a roofing company. That means it may be too late. One of the maintenance things to do is to check the roof or have it inspected once every year or two. Why? It can save you a lot of money and hassle, if you live in an area with extreme weather.

There are several telltale signs you may overlook, so we’re going to make you aware so if you notice something you can take control. 


The telltale signs of moisture can be anything from stains on the walls and ceilings to mold and mildew. You may either see it or smell that mustiness that moisture issues will cause. Place a moisture absorption bucket they sell at the DIY store and see how much it fills up. If it’s at all significant or you can smell mustiness, then get on to calling the roofers. If the moisture gets on to the insulation in the roof or walls, you’ll pay a lot more for heating and cooling. It’s now a conductor and not an insulator. 

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Roof Bubbles

Bubbles on the roof is a common issue. You won’t see them if you aren’t on the roof, so a qualified roof inspector would be the person to call. The bubbles are sometimes hard to locate and if there’s too many or they’re large, then the roof could go into disrepair. That means, you guessed it, the entire roof needs to repair. So, this is one major thing you need to consider and whatever the inspection costs, it won’t be near the amount you’d need to replace a roof. 

Flashing Damage

This is the part that keeps moisture from getting into the roof. It’s the major protector of the roof, so while the inspector is looking for bubbles they’ll also be looking at the flashing. If there’s any damage, this will also be costly to fix and if left untreated will cause you to replace the roof. This will be one of the number one items on a licensed inspector’s list. The flashing can be faulty because of having an installer that’s unlicensed. Don’t play with the roof it’s holding the integrity of your home. 

Faulty Downspouts

This is where the water is caught and expelled into the ground. It flushes water away, front the roof and protects the roof. If you see little water if at all coming from the downspout when it rains then there could be an issue. This is another inspection point. If the water from rain or snow is not being carried away, it may cause bubbles and flashing damage we spoke of before. 

Old Roof

Well, we don’t have to tell you what happens to old things. They fall apart in every way. Letting a roof go over 10 years and not having a roof inspection as often will cost you a bundle. 

Bad Contractor Work

Owning a roof that’s put together by unlicensed contractors will show issues early. The only issue is you may not notice it. All of what we’ve mentioned here are things that to most busy homeowners can go unnoticed. They’ll create costly trouble for you by using substandard materials so watch out for a roofing contractor that has a too cheap a bargain just to get your business—you’ll pay for it later. 

Damaged Roof Materials

If the roof materials have holes or rips and tears this doesn’t help the integrity of the roof. This happens because of weather and because they put together the roof with cheap materials. Again, don’t fall victim to a bargain it won’t help you. Another tip is to not delay a repair, it only takes one hole, or rip or tear to seep in water and moisture.

Bottom line, the roof is as integral to the home as the foundation and in fact, you can’t live in a home without either working well. Home inspections and roof inspections should be a regular part of home ownership. Take that into consideration when you figure the cost of owning a home. It’s an investment–treat it like one.