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Orbs: Personal Observations


In my investigation of anomalous phenomena, I have seen orbs ("plasma" orbs, crop circle orbs, call them what you will), in pictures both in books and on the Internet, as well as on many television programs. Up to now, all of this data has been taken through a skeptical eye. By this, I do not mean to imply that I am a skeptic, as the term is referred to in UFO circles. The "skeptic" who continually tries to debunk UFOs and the like are actually misnamed.  These individuals should be correctly labeled "cynics," for no amount of evidence will ever convince them that something unusual might be happening. They are locked in their mind-set as firmly as those who have stepped over the line on the other side, and see a UFO in every light in the sky. Two extremes, different perspectives.

In regard to my own skepticism on the topic of light orbs, I was doubtful when I examined the evidence available from various sources.  Many of the pictures seemed to have a "reflective" aspect about them: light being thrown back into the camera's lens by a snowflake, insect, or other source. I just couldn't be certain because I wasn't present when the pictures were taken, and found myself at the mercy of whoever was taking the picture.

This is no longer my situation.

With the advent of the activity in Saratoga Springs, NY**, I had the opportunity to digitally photograph the area of the crop formation after dark, using a flash.

Before proceeding, however, I examined the area to be photographed, as best I could, to assure myself that there was nothing visible that might reflect light back into the camera. The area to be photographed was a field of waist-high grass, a tree-lined background which eliminated any chance of light being thrown back to the camera. The camera I used was a digital Olympus 5 megapixel.

At around 9:30 PM on the night of June 24, 2003, I stood in the area where grass had been laid down and began taking flash pictures. Orbs were present in many of the examined digital photos. My observations on the orbs (and I do not intend to make these definitive, by any means) to date are as follows:

  • The orbs in all cases are circular.

  • They are various sizes, from very small to over a foot or more in diameter (estimated).

  • Larger orbs appear to be semi-transparent (the standing grass could be
    seen through them).

  • Smaller orbs seem to be very bright when in proximity to the camera.

  • Each orb seemed to have a distinguishing pattern to it, making it different from other orbs.

  • Insects in the pictures are easily identifiable. Upon enlargement, wings, etc can be seen. The orbs are always circular. As an example, a moth was photographed and is easily distinguished from an orb.

  • Not all of the pictures contain orbs. In fact, most do not.

If, as some of the skeptics claim, orbs may be formed by dust particles and / or insects, I would like to counter with two items:

  1. Insects in the pictures I took can easily be identified, many without magnification.

  2. As a control, I took photographs in high grass in my own back yard.
    The conditions were similar to the night of June 24 in Saratoga. On
    June 26, the temperature was hot and humid, same as the 24th. The grass lining my property was waist high with trees and shrubs in the
    background. The time of night was the same. I took 75 digital photos
    with a flash. Not one orb in any of the pictures.

So, what is causing the orb phenomenon? Certainly not insects based on my own experience with photos. Also, why were orbs photographed in Saratoga but not 20 miles south of the location in similar conditions?  Dust particles and insects were present in my backyard that should have produced at least one orb, if the skeptics are to be believed.

A friend at work (Phil Jorczak) made an observation that the orbs might be energy particles which explode. This, he says, could account for the change in size, some being very small and apparently denser while others are larger and less dense (semi-transparent). "As the particles disperse from the initial explosion, then the object would appear to be more transparent," says Phil. One could almost relate it to the Big Bang theory of the universe.

I can't explain anything at this time, but I will be returning to Saratoga for more pictures. I no longer view this phenomenon with a skeptical eye. My interest is now one of curiosity, seeking answers to something that I cannot explain.

[** For those not familiar with what took place in Saratoga Springs, NY:
On the night of June 10-11, 2003, a crop formation of irregular design was laid down in a field of waist-high grass. Grass inside the formation was laid down in characteristic swirls, clockwise and counterclockwise, along with swirls in different directions layer upon layer. The size was approximately 100 feet by 80 feet. The formation was discovered on June 11. More grass was laid down in the early morning of June 22. On both occasions, witnesses claim to have heard a brief "humming" sound.]

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