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The Mothman Prophecies:
An Opportunity To Expand Our Minds


It seems that the Mothman Prophecies have come full circle: first a book, and then a major motion picture. By now, most of you have probably seen the movie starring Richard Gere and Laura Lindsay. I, for one, went to the theaters to see it on the big screen when it first hit the box office. My reason was that I really never did read John Keel's book. OK, you may be justified in admonishing me, a researcher of the anomalous, for this faux pas, and rightly so.

I knew the movie would take the usual Hollywood license that movies tend to do, building up the sensational so that the story becomes appealing to a wide audience. Actually, going into the movie without having read the book had some merit. It whetted my appetite for Keel's work, so I took the book from my bookshelf and blew off the dust. Ravenously, I read it from cover to cover, twice. How could the movie ever have done the book justice?

Keel wrote a book that seems almost impossible to believe. It is filled with his experiences surrounding the Mothman episodes, including, but not limited to, Men-in-Black, beeping telephones, mind reading, unusual creatures, and of course, UFOs. Someone unfamiliar with these topics would think that it is a work of fiction. But it is not.

As I read, I found my believability factor being stretched to the limit; however, I kept going back to the credibility of John Keel, that being at a very high level. I reasoned with myself that if only 10 percent of what I was reading were true, the world certainly had much to be concerned about, and mysteries which have never been solved. If the majority of the book was factual, the problem with which we are faced is considerably compounded.

I have no explanations for what took place in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966. Weird creatures intrigue me, and Mothman, along with its cohorts in the book, has my complete attention. Are these creatures real or figments of imagination? Are people hallucinating, en masse? These two factors must be considered, but I think it is time we begin thinking about alternate explanations.

The possible existence of other dimensions has been one of my favorite areas of contemplation. Here we are, stuck in our 3D world. So let's begin the "What if ..." game. What if there were a world that had eight dimensions, with beings able to leap over the dimensional gap to enter our 3D world for a brief time? They would be able to exist here and be able to perceive our world as we see it (although it might be a difficult adjustment, since they are more accustomed to eight dimensions). However, we might have a difficult time perceiving them or, for that matter, any vehicle they use to transport themselves. They have eight dimensions, remember, but we can only see three. Therefore, we may not be able to see all of them if they are, for example, turned at a certain angle. In fact, they may even seem to disappear!

With all the worldwide reports of strange creatures which do not fit into any genus or species we know of (e.g. Mothman, a humanoid shape with wings), is it possible that creatures from other dimensions may be visiting us when the moment presents itself? Many years ago I might have dismissed this idea without a second thought. Today, I no longer do so.

There is so much that we humans do not know, and the range of the "unknown" increases as time goes by. It really does seem that the more we know, the more we find that we do not know. Mothman or not, it is time to come to grips with those elements of our world that do not fit the pattern. It is time to look beyond our noses and see that "nuts and bolts" may not be the only answer. Paranormal, spiritual, ethereal -- just a few that come to mind -- may hold answers many of us do not want to address or simply dismiss as unreliable. That is unfortunate.

Questions I ask myself are:

  • How is it that the cattle mutilation mystery is not even close to being solved?

  • Not all of the crop formations are hoaxes. What is their origin?

  • What is a UFO?

  • How can Bigfoot continue to allude us?

  • Why can't we capture the Chupacabras?

We are far too linear in our thinking. Our minds must expand to encompass not only what we know to be true, but also that which may be only possible in our minds. Here is the rub -- and I absolutely believe this -- if something can be conceived by the human mind, then it can be done, or is already in existence somewhere. "Somewhere" may not be where we think it is.

Now, go and broaden your horizons ...


Ray Cecot  


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