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Unidentified Species From Another Dimension?


As I've stated countless times before, unusual creatures intrigue me. When people report creatures such as Mothman, Chupacabras, monkey-headed dogs, and the like, I begin to wonder if they are seeing what the creature actually is, or are misidentifying a more naturally occurring animal. Due to the preponderance of reports involving strange creatures, it is my opinion that most people are reporting exactly what they are seeing: no judgment attached, no speculation. The creature is real, not imaginary. And, it is definitely out of the ordinary.

I would like to briefly address the source of the anomalous creature, that is, where it may come from.

Strange creatures may have a simple explanation as being an earthly species that has, to date, eluded man, and remained unidentified. However, some are so elusive that other explanations, no matter how outrageous, might be considered. Take the possibility of an interdimensional existence. Absurd? Not really. Science now admits that it can conceive of other dimensions besides the ones that directly affect us. So, allow me to explore this idea just a bit further.

I was recently reading a book acquired from a used bookstore titled BIGFOOT by B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry (copyright 1976). This book documents Bigfoot sightings in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California. No one has been able to definitively explain the existence of Bigfoot; however, there has been countless pieces of circumstantial evidence to show that there is a creature of unusual size and habit wandering our wooded areas.

Has Bigfoot truly been able to elude man for hundreds of years, or might this creature's appearance be due to some portal and/or connection with another dimension? If interdimensional, this may explain its comings and goings, appearances and disappearances, and its extraordinary (almost uncanny) ability to avoid man.

In the above cited work, I read an interesting section describing an unusual light phenomenon that took place in an area where Bigfoot sightings were occurring with regularity. It was August 1974. Larry, Lewis, Warren and David (Warren's 10 year old son) were camping in the Bigfoot area. On this particular night, Warren was inside a shelter with his son, David, helping him arrange his sleeping bag for the night. What occurred is best revealed by citing a few paragraphs from pages 43-45.

...one of the others shouted from down at the cook stove, "Hey, did you guys just shine a flashlight this way?"

Warren's muffled voice came back that, no, he hadn't shone his flashlight outside.
"Well, there's something funny going on," Lewis shouted back, "because there was a bright flash from up there that just lit up the whole area."

As both Warren and his son emerged from the shelter, there was another "flash." "I was looking right at it," Warren said. "It was like a strobe light, it lit up the whole camp scene."

He said it seemed to come from about fifteen feet above ground about thirty feet away, in the trees. "David was right behind me and saw the same thing except that we are in disagreement about one of the details. To me it seemed like the light source or whatever was round and ball-like, maybe two to three feet in diameter, and it had a bluish cast and a white band around it. David describes it the same way, only he remembers it as being white with a bluish band around it - just the opposite."

There was no sound associated with it, he said. Warren also claimed that, even though the flash was brilliant, it was not blinding and did not seem to affect his night vision.

As he and his son stared downhill toward Lewis and Larry, there was a third flash, and this one seemed to give off diffuse greenish light that briefly illuminated an area about one hundred feet in diameter beneath the taller trees. It had "exploded" off to one side, Warren said, but in a different location from the first one they'd seen.

[The "exploding" flash is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to anomalous sightings. In the town of Cairo, NY, situated in the Catskill Mountains, I interviewed a witness who stated he was standing at the edge of a farmer's field after dark, when a glowing ball approached him from over one of the mountain tops. At first he thought it was an airplane, but it kept approaching his location. When only a few hundred feet from him, and only about 25 feet above the ground, it suddenly burst into an exploding brilliant light, illuminating the entire field. - RC]

Warren began timing them (the flashes) with his with his wristwatch. For the next fifteen minutes or so, it seemed that the mysteriously silent light explosions were occurring at two-minute intervals.

The story goes on to describe how the men thought the flashes may have been caused by static electricity, for as they moved around the camp, the flashes increased in number. However, certain elements did not fit into the static electricity theory: there was no wind, the sky was clear, the humidity was normal, and it was a cool 56 degrees.

At one point there was a high-pitched whining noise which all in the camp began to wonder about. It began close to their location and then trailed off into the distance. The next night, the flashes continued, as in the previous night. The whining "tuning-fork" sound also continued. One other factor seemed strange to the men. During the daytime, the region surrounding the camp was eerily quiet, totally devoid of all bird and animal noise.

After a few days had gone by, they located some rather large footprints. These prints were nearly 20 inches in length, and similar to the prints seen in the area on previous trips. And here is where the interdimensional idea may have some bearing. The creature's footprints ended mysteriously.

The creature had come downhill from an area of boulders and high brush, so they were not surprised when they could backtrack it no farther than the edge of the brush. But it did seem that there should be some indication of where the creature went beyond the last print, whose direction was toward the spring. This ground was soft and mushy there, and anything heavy should have left additional impressions - even allowing for the creature's apparent speed and giant step. Where had it gone?

Where, indeed? Could the flashes the men witnessed be some stirring of a dimensional portal, a rubbing of another dimension against ours? Could Bigfoot, itself, be a creature that moves between one dimension and another, its sensitivity to each allowing it to be in the vicinity of the "dimensional rubs?" And what of the mysterious "whining" sound? Could it also be associated with the touching of two dimensions in such a way to allow passage between the two?

Only thoughts. Only possibilities.

Yet, Bigfoot continues to remain the elusive creature which occasionally leaves behind a foot print or two, a tantalizing piece of evidence which causes those of us who enjoy the anomalous ... to wonder.


Ray Cecot  


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