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Ray Cecot


Fashionable UFOs ... anyone wearing one?


Is there any reason why you haven't reported that UFO you saw some time ago? I'm sure you have a million reasons, and most likely I've heard them all. 

You're afraid of the laughter, ridicule, and maybe losing your job. No one is going to believe you, anyway. Just keep it to yourself and it will all go away. 

I've heard so many excuses about not taking the time to report a UFO that I can repeat them verbatim. Some are extremely clever, such as:

"It's probably a TOP SECRET government project and I don't want to give it away." Now, if you really believe that, maybe it's time you left this planet.

In fact, with all the excuses out there, the only one I might believe is that you didn't know where to report the sighting. Police? Well, that would be my last resort, but you and I know that police have a lot on their plate right now, especially after the 9/11 attack.

In today's America, finding an organization to report a UFO sighting is as easy as popping a dinner into the microwave. The bottom line reason for NOT reporting a UFO sighting is simply that people don't think it is important enough. This is probably the most logical reason of all.

We live in a world where money is the driving force to society. Profit is the key word. From oil to computer systems, from fine cuisine to luxury cars ... if it doesn't sell, it isn't worth manufacturing or keeping.

There was a time when UFOs were fashionable. Go back to the 50s and 60s when everyone saw one or knew someone who did. Few were afraid to report their sighting because ... heck ... even the government wanted to know about them (for those of you who don't remember Project Blue Book).

Today, UFOs are no longer fashionable, unless you can place an alien on a T-shirt and sell it for at least ten bucks (back to the profit angle again). But the simple truth is that UFO sightings still occur on a regular basis. It's just that they are no longer in vogue. They are no longer important. The government has ceased to be interested in them, so why should we care?

When was the last time you saw ANYONE wearing a "Here come the Aliens" T-shirt, except as a promotion for the movie "Independence Day?" 

In fact, our very interest in outer space seems to be waning. Americans were genuinely upset when the then Soviet Union put a satellite into orbit. People cheered when we stepped on the Moon for the first time. There was once talk of using the Moon as a stepping stone to exploring other planets. Unfortunately, we no longer care if a satellite is launched or if we ever return to the Moon. 

Aliens and UFOs have been relegated to the same level. 

I want to assure you that there are still interested people and organizations searching for information on UFO sightings. Profit and money aside, what bigger news could this planet receive than that we have been "discovered" by an extraterrestrial race? 

We are, by our very nature, explorers and discoverers. Are we afraid to admit that it is "we" who are being discovered this time? 

... Or is it simply that extraterrestrial clothing is really not fashionable? 


Ray Cecot  


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