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The Independent Researchers' Association for Anomalous Phenomena (IRAAP) is certainly a mouthful when anyone tries to say it quickly. In a way, it is meant to be said in a deliberate fashion because the anomalies that continue to appear worldwide are not to be taken lightly. IRAAP investigators certainly approach them seriously. Like the name, this group does not skim over items quickly. Rather, they are explored to the fullest extent possible, with sound documentation and then communicated to the general public via this site.

One of the things I find so lacking with much of the information on anomalous items is that the documentation of sources is not done well. This often can hamper research by individuals who wish to pursue an item a little further. Of course, there are many good sources on the Internet and also in publications. These I applaud wholeheartedly.

Sometimes I find an interesting article, let's say, with a source listed, yet when I try to contact the source, my e-mail is returned as undeliverable. This is very frustrating. Communication is vital with what is taking place in the world today. UFOs, cattle mutilations, crop formations, alien abductions -- these and much more deserve to be discussed and communicated. Many people really don't have a grasp as to what is actually taking place. Everyday business gets in the way. This is understandable. Families have to be provided for, children have to be fed and sent to school, jobs have to be maintained. We have to go on living, but I feel that global issues are of vital importance, too, and cannot (should not) be ignored.

I encourage you to send IRAAP information that you wish to pass along to others who are most certainly interested. It may be a UFO sighting, an article you read, or perhaps just an opinion you have on one of the areas of research. IRAAP invites your input, but asks that anything you send is documented as to date and source. Investigators working closely with IRAAP will do their best to answer all correspondence as quickly as possible. If you do not wish your name to be attached to any article, IRAAP will respect your privacy.


Ray Cecot  


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