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By Jorge Martín
Journalist, Puerto Rico
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The well-known Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico, allegedly belonging to Cornell University, is used for radio-astronomy research. However, many may not know that it is also a U.S. Department of Defense project, used since the 1960s to study new U.S. intercontinental missile weapons. In recent years, it has been involved in studies of the ionosphere, Earth's upper atmosphere, as well. Gathering knowledge about the characteristics of the ionosphere and applying this knowledge to the controversial H.A.A.R.P project, the Arecibo Radio Observatory has been used as an atmospheric heater.

Observatory Entrance

Arecibo Observatory

Antenna Receptor

Although scientists who operate the fabulous Arecibo Radio Observatory have always denied the existence of UFO phenomena and the possibility that beings from other planets of the Cosmos may be visiting Earth, the truth is that they have covertly participated in investigations related to the UFO subject. Evidence of this is found in an official internal memo of the State Civil Defense Agency of Puerto Rico, known today as the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency.

In a memo dated October 1991, its then director, Colonel José A. M. Nolla stated flatly that personnel from the Arecibo Radio Observatory were participating in a secret study. Several U.S. military and security agencies along with several Puerto Rican state government agencies were investigating the high incidence of all types of UFO and alien related events affecting Puerto Rico between 1991 and 1992. The memo indicated emphatically that what was happening in Puerto Rico was real. This remark directly contradicts public statements made by scientists and technicians at the Arecibo Radio Observatory, asserting that there is no such thing as the UFO phenomenon or alien-related incidents.

As a matter of fact, there have been a series of very significant events in the Observatory area -- events that indicate that unidentified flying objects or those who control them are closely monitoring the activities and research being conducted at the facility.

We have previously published information about UFO sightings and incidents of encounters with their crew, given to us by residents of the area where this important scientific center is located. On a recent visit to the Radio Observatory facility, accompanied by an American couple from California, Mr. Douglas Taylor and his wife Serena, we obtained statements from two officers employed at the facility.


The first security officer, Pedro Perez, revealed to us that he had personally seen a "...very unusual flying device" while driving his car on highway #635, heading away from the Observatory toward the town of Lares.

"It happened a little to the south," he said, "south of the Radio Observatory area, not exactly above this site. I was with my son, and we both saw it. It was quite a large object, with a spherical shape, like a huge metallic sphere, silver-plated, with a brightly polished surface. It was suspended in the air, in the sky, totally motionless."

Pedro Pérez and Author

He continued, explaining, "It did not have any doors or windows, any motor or engine, nothing at all. It just remained there, suspended in the sky, and at one moment it made a sudden fast movement to the south and went away, and it was lost from sight."

Representation of Silver Sphere
According to Mr. Perez, the large silver-plated metallic sphere he observed did not emit any sound, and as already stated, was totally fixed in the sky in a position close to the Radio Observatory facilities, until the moment it departed.

"The so called OVNIs (UFOs) are real," he added, "we have seen them here, so I do not have any doubts about that any more. However, we have to find out where they come from and who are behind them," said the security officer.

A second officer, Mr. Jose Vélez, stated that he has made several observations of "...some large mysterious spheres of light shining with a bluish-white hue, similar to the light emitted from electrical arc welding." These objects approach the Radio Observatory and suspend themselves over the area, increasing and decreasing in size.

"For me," Vélez said, "that growing and diminishing in size could very well be an optical effect. They are probably approaching and moving away and we perceive this as if they were growing in size or getting smaller."

Officer Vélez and Author

"I have seen those balls of light several times," he added, "and I have tried to explain to myself what they are, but they are definitively something non-identifiable, and they seem to be under intelligent control".

We asked both security officers if they had notified the officials at the Observatory about their sightings of such anomalous objects in the area, and they both responded, "No."

When asked about secrecy, they stated that the scientific officers and directors of the Arecibo Radio Observatory have never prohibited them from speaking out on this subject, but they added that, as a matter of fact, the UFO subject is not discussed there at all.


The truth is that there have been many other such events at the site and in the surrounding areas. Here are a few of the reports we have received from serious and reliable witnesses, but there are many more: 
1. Policemen have witnessed a large, luminous, cylinder-shaped object suspended nearby in the air, directly over the Radio Observatory.

2. Residents of the area have observed landings of silvery, metallic, saucer-shaped craft. They have also observed both human-looking and humanoid-looking crews, dressed in tight-fitting, silvery suits.

3. Witnesses have observed silvery, saucer-shaped craft on the ground. After being in close contact with human personnel, who depart from the landing site in a white van-type vehicle, the craft take off into the sky. The area where this has happened is a flattened mound at the edge of Road #10, close to the Radio Observatory facility.

4. Witnesses have observed fully armed U.S. military personnel in "Hummer" type jeeps pursuing brightly lit ovoid objects that fly into the Rio Abajo forest, located behind the Radio Observatory.

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"Jorge Martin has been researching the UFO phenomenon in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 25 years. He has investigated and reported on many important UFO incidents that happen on the island, one of the world's most active places in the UFO / Alien enigma..."
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